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RS1 Linux News is a news aggregator focused on Linux and open source. It does not include any Javascript code nor images. Only HTML and CSS, for a faster browsing.

This website content is based on public feeds (RSS/Atom/RDF) from popular GNU/Linux and open source blogs.

With the help of feedparser, a Python module, feeds are parsed, joined and converted to an HTML list.

You can see the scripts on

Datetime info is in the UTC timezone.

The division between "News" and "More" is per-website, not per-post. Therefore, if a website posts mostly news but also some tutorials, it will appear under "News".

This website is run by me, Ricardo, a Linux and open source enthusiast from Spain, born in the early 90's.

You can contact me on social media ( or via email (admin[at] to add a page (provide the feed link) or send a suggestion to improve the service. I can add another language section if there are enough feeds.

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